Did You Know?

  1. The  UK is the thirteenth best country  (out of 91) for people over 60, according to Global Age Watch and the BBC. The best country for people over 60 is Sweden. In 2050 it is estimated that one fifth of the wold’s population will be over 60.
  2. The oldest sitting MP since 1832 (up to now) was 96 and the youngest 21.
  3. World’s oldest hen (16 – 18 years) still lays eggs.
  4. A majority of middle aged and older people have living parents, so more children will know their grandparents and great grandparents than ever before! Amazing!
  5. There is a high willingness among older people to adopt and use technology of all varieties – The Fictions, Facts and Future of Older People and Technology
  6. You can host a skill swap shop ( and other things) with support from www.olderpeoplesday.co.uk who are an organisation dedicated to celebrating the achievements and contribution we make to our society.
  7. 32000 people in the UK in their 80s are still hard at work. This figure has increased by more than half in the last ten years –  50+Matters October 2013 issue 52
  8. Huffington Post – Five mistakes to avoid in early retirement
  9. Physical activity and exercise can help you stay healthy, energetic and independent as you get older – NHS
  10. OECD Observer 2002 ‘Retiring later makes sense’

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