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Working Women in an Ageing Society

The first WWAS international conference will be held in Fukuoka, Japan on June 3rd to 5th 2016.

The ageing of society has a major impact in many countries and significantly affects employment and career development possibilities for women. Work and gender in an ageing society have been examined separately but rarely in depth together. The economic contribution of older women is important to counteract labour shortages which occur as a result of population ageing. Active economic involvement stimulates women’s leadership, increases their participation in decision making and contributes to society’s sustainability.

The conference, ‘Working Women in an Ageing Society’ will involve international speakers (from Asian and non-Asian countries) presenting information about the economic and leadership contribution of older women in their own country. Open forum sessions and discussion groups will consider age and gender topics including women’s experience of their working lives, health and family concerns.

A summary and action plan will be based on speaker and delegate contributions. Public involvement will be encouraged through free attendance for the afternoon of the second day and through town meetings held in Kitakyushu and Fukuoka following the conference.


SALT UK meeting

Meeting places

Eastbourne Hydro Hotel

SALT members Isabel Jones, Marion Helme, Clare Smallman and Hazel Colyer met at the Eastbourne Hydro Hotel over the weekend of 27th July to take forward our ideas about the direction of SALT. We have used our initial funding to develop a website and have begun to populate it.

The primary focus remains creating a conference in 2016 looking at unique experiences of the transition into retirement, through reflection on that transition and research. We explored and tested what this means to us using the debate topics for the October conference at the OXO tower, The Age of No Retirement.

Our priorities are twofold:-

  • to develop our website and explore the use of other social media, e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn
  • to look for sponsorship funding for the conference

We believe a bigger network of members is crucial and the website and social media sites are the best way to identify like-minded people and widen the partnership.

We ended by agreeing actions for our next meeting, which will be in London on 29th October (with Skype to Japan where Isabel is living at the moment).